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10 (Mostly) Free Ways To Welcome Spring

April 18, 2017 by Mackenzie Schnell

10 (Mostly) Free Ways To Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring By Sprucing Up Your Physical Space

1. Make room for your spring wardrobe

Declutter your space by donating or reselling the clothes you no longer enjoy wearing. Or, just pack up the heavy sweaters and make space for your spring clothes. If you do this and feel a supreme sense of pleasure, may we recommend some light reading on the topic: Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown

2. Let the fresh air in

Open those windows. Welcome spring by welcoming the fresh air, fresh energy, fresh thoughts, and fresh weather.

3. Bring nature indoors

Try one of these branch crafts. Branch crafts, hmm, that’s a weird phrase.

4. Spring scents

Bring the smell of spring into your home with these essential oil blends recommended by One Good Thing.

Welcome Spring By Freshening Up Your Food

5. Get creative with your tea and coffeespring iced coffee recipes

Fresh Mint Iced Coffee

Iced Lavender Dirty Chai

Iced Bullet-Proof Matcha Latte

Herbal Thai Iced Tea

Hibiscus Earl Gray Iced Tea

6. Clean out your fridge

It’s way more fun that it sounds. Try it! Support a fellow B-Corp certified business by buying your spring cleaning supplies from Method.

7. Farmer’s market meals

Welcome spring into your kitchen by shopping for fresh, locally grown ingredients at a farmer’s market. Try searching your state’s growing schedule for a guide on what’s in season. For example, and as a way to showcase some Wisconsin state pride: http://www.cias.wisc.edu/foodservtools/2-Get-started/wisconsin-produce-calendar.pdf

Welcome Spring By Clearing Your Mental Space

Clearing your mental space is really the key to welcome spring into your life. This will give you that same feeling of peace that you feel when it’s Sunday night, your lunch is packed for tomorrow, your house is clean, and you’re ready for the week — but ten times better.

8. Set Your Spring Intention

An intention is a personal statement about who you want to be, how you want to feel, set an intention this springhow you want to live your life, or anything along these lines.  Intention setting is the process of getting clear on these topics and voicing them aloud to yourself. The power of intentions lies in their ability to give your mind direction and focus. They’re similar to goals, but different in that they help you to be happy in the present moment rather than reach a tangible metric of success in the future. That said, intentions are equally as important, (if not more so), as goals for living the life you want to live.

Examples of intentions:

I intend to be open to new opportunities and new experiences.

I intend to let my days be free of struggle, hurry, and anxiety.

I intend to feel deeply connected to my family and closest friends.

I intend to share my happiness and joy with everyone I meet.

As Dr. Julie Hanks recommends in her mental health blog, ask yourself, “What can I clear out of my heart  or mind that will allow me to become a calmer, more centered person?”. This question will help jumpstart your process of setting an intention.

9. Homemade spring calendarspring craft homemade calendar

This plays off the trend of adult coloring books, which is actually a form of meditation. Try combining the calming effects of coloring with the benefits of planning. Then try telling us this wasn’t the best thing you did all month. An example of a beautiful, homemade calendar is brought to you by Etsy’s ClairEclectic.

10. Volunteer in a community garden

Not only will this help you feel like spring has really arrived, but manual labor is an antidote for a racing mind. This is especially true when you’re working outside and feel connected to nature. The list of mental and health benefits is far too long to include here, but check out The Huffington’s Post overview.


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