7 Ways To Use Nutbutter (That you might not have thought of)
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7 Ways You Didn’t Think to Use Yumbutter

August 23, 2017 by McKenna Ruzga

7 Ways You Didn’t Think to Use Yumbutter

We all know Yumbutter is easy to squeeze onto your snacks, but it has some hidden talents you might not be as familiar with. Here are some ways to use nut butter that might come as a surprise!


1) Squeeze away the stress.

Keeps the pouch nicely mixed, keeps you from loosing your cool. Win-win.

2) Make a gourmet bird feeder.

Spread it on a pine cone. Roll it in some bird seed. Hang it up. Feel the bird-watching zen radiate through your pure soul.

3) Make homemade granola bars.

Yumbutter isn’t just the glue that holds your heart together, it’s the glue that holds all those tasty grains, nuts, and dried fruits together.

4) Make a treat for your furry friend.

5) Turn it into popsicles.

6) Use it to get gum out of carpet or hair.

Rub it in, let it sit, wipe away, done!

7) Seal off that leaky melting ice cream cone.

Spread a little bit into the bottom of the cone before scooping.


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