How to Have the Coziest Autumn Ever
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How to Have the Coziest Autumn Ever

October 16, 2017 by McKenna Ruzga

How to Have the Coziest Autumn Ever

There’s something about October that prompts some primal instinct in all of us to hunker down and cozy up with friends and family. And while some may call loving all things cozy “basic,” the concept isn’t really a new one or one reserved for suburban Americans sipping pumpkin spice lattes. The Danish even have a name for it -“Hygge” – which is the idea of warmth, contentment, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures with those you love. Whether you’re a fall-lover or are still clinging to the last few warm days of summer, here are some ways to warm up and have the coziest autumn ever.

1. Light a Candle

Or even better, light a log fire or bonfire. Is there any quicker way to achieve maximum cozy?

2. Make a Fall Reading List

Now is the perfect time to dive into those books that have been collecting dust on your bedside table.

3. Set a “Device-Free” Time Each Day

Fill up that space you would have spent scrolling by reading a book, writing actual snail mail to a friend, or just sitting and enjoying conversation with a friend.

4. Make All the Warm Drinks

Coffee, tea, golden milk, matcha, cocoa, do yo thang. Even better, make a double batch to share with whoever is around.

5. Make All the Cozy Foods

It’s finally cooling down enough to fire the oven back up, so may we suggest some pumpkin muffins, cinnamon buns, stew, bowls of oats, or your family’s go-to baked treat? Here are 13 healthy hygge foods to get you inspired.

6. Make a Nest

Gather all the soft and warm things you own. Pile them up. Sit in the nest. Possibly nap in the nest.

7. Get Outside and Breathe Some Crisp Air

WHAT? Cozy? Outside?? Yeah, we said it. Layer up if necessary and go take a walk or hike, get your blood pumping, and take in the fall colors. You can even pack a thermos or book and pair this with #2 or #4!

8. Gather your People

You don’t need a major occasion or an activity planned. Just invite your people over for a cup of coffee and a treat or relax in front of the fire. Cozy is a mental state as much as an environment.

9. Keep Things Simple and Real

Opt for wholesome recipes that aren’t too fussy. Don’t stress over making it to every fall activity and festival. Just relax and enjoy, knowing that that in itself is the perfect way to have the coziest autumn ever.


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