Package Design: Evolution of the Yumbutter Pouch
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Evolution of the Yumbutter Pouch

August 8, 2016 by McKenna Ruzga

Evolution of the Yumbutter Pouch

The Evolution of Yumbutter’s Go-Anywhere Design

In the world of nut butters, as in the rest of life, it’s what’s inside that really counts. But in our case, the vehicle counts too, which is why we’ve put a lot of thought and love into the design of our packaging over the years. As we’ve listened and learned about our customers, we’ve evolved our design to fit into our fans’ active lifestyles and to align with our brand message as we grow.

Throughout all this change, the foundation of the design has remained the same – spread the love, create food to nourish the world, and reflect the sheer excitement we have about our potions. Think of it like this: our sweet, tender young jar labels became reckless, wild teen pouches, and have now found themselves and become that person who makes you think, “Wow, you are so fun and adventurous but you also have a heart of gold and have your life mostly together.”

The Process
Fun fact: We got our start selling Yumbutter at local Madison Farmer’s Markets. The giraffe seen on the original labels became somewhat of a mascot, and the original designs were as grassroots as they come: co-founder Adrian took a Photoshop class to design the original labels!

old yumbutter jar design

original jar

Next, the jar design and labels got a bit of an upgrade with a more subtle design and color palette.

yumbutter jar

The YumbutterGo Pouch

In 2013, the idea for the YumbutterGO pouch was born. Matt and Adrian began working closely with the team at Modern Species (shout out to Gage, Lauren, and Nate!) to create a more solid brand identity leading up to the launch of the YumbutterGO Kickstarter campaign. Modern Species came up with a fun new logo design, then helped us design a pouch label that not only displayed all of the necessary info, but also reflected the vibe of the new product.

nut butter pouch
The design was such a hit that it won a few design awards – and won the hearts of a lot of our customers. The regionally-sold jars also got a makeover to ensure they were cohesive with the new look on the pouches.

new jars yumbutter


In winter 2016, we worked with the team at Modern Species again – this time, to design pouches for our newest potions and to give all the pouches a refresher. The newest design is a bit more sleek and modern to reflect how our brand has grown and matured, but still includes bright colors and fun details to stay true to our original message and spirit.

nut butter pouch

Reflecting back on our journey has us a bit emotional (we’re not crying, you’re crying!), and we can’t thank every one of our fans enough for the support over the years. From those initial buyers at the Farmer’s Markets in Madison, to our Kickstarter backers, to those who have just bought once on a whim at the grocery store, we would not have made it here without ya. Thanks for taking this journey with us!


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