Fueled by Yumbutter: Nartaya Miller
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Fueled by Yumbutter: Meet Nartaya Miller

July 26, 2016 by McKenna Ruzga

Fueled by Yumbutter: Meet Nartaya Miller

Yumbutter is proud to fuel some super rad athletes who not only kick major butt on the field (or road, or mountain, or wherever they may be) but also embody the values that Yumbutter is built on. This week, we’ll be telling their stories and getting the inside scoop on what fuels their passion for what they do.


Nartaya Miller – Endurance Athlete


Some background please: Nartaya is from San Diego, CA and is an enthusiastic endurance athlete competing in primarily running ultra-distance races.

But she wasn’t always into the whole running thing: “During high school and college I competed in tennis and soccer, and I only ran when my coach told me to. I absolutely did not enjoy running,” Nartaya told us. Nartaya lived in hustling and bustling Atlanta, where she was a paralegal in a major law firm working 70 hours a week, but then moved to laid-back San Diego and began working a more manageable 40 hours a week. “San Diego is a city that promotes outdoor activities, its climate is perfect for getting out and running, biking or swimming all year round. I’m a mediocre swimmer, and my beach cruiser isn’t ideal for riding long distances, so I took to running.” The rest is history.

On how her passion for running developed: Nartaya ran her first full marathon in 2004, raising money for a friend undergoing cancer treatment. But it wasn’t love at first run. “When I reached mile 16, I was absolutely exhausted and wanted to quit. I didn’t quit only because I was trying to raise money for a friend. When I crossed the finish line, I had no desire to ever run again. Ever again. The only reason I kept running was the simple fact that I had already invested money in clothes, and I was fairly certain my husband would give me grief for not running after buying (what may be considered and excessive amount of) running clothes.” She kept running casually and entered the marathon again the next year. And so the obsession began.

Beyond marathons: After achieving her goal of a sub-2 hour half-marathon, Nartaya decided her next goal was to run 2013 miles in 2013. “It sounded simple enough. Then my friend did the math, 5.53 miles a day, EVERY DAY.  EVERY DAY.  I made it, but along the way, signed up for a 6 hour run. I had never run 6 hours before – all of my marathons were in the 4.5 to 5 hour range. I wondered if I could run a 50k in 6 hours.” She ended up barely reaching her goal with no major training beforehand, but the run gave her a new goal: running a 50K trail race.

And nowadays? Since October 2013, Nartaya has run distances of 50k, 50 mile, and 100k, and has attempted a 100 mile race. During the 2016/2017 racing cycle, she hopes to complete the San Diego Ultra Slam.

Why Yumbutter? “I found Yumbutter at The San Diego Gluten Free festival, and it was love at first taste. Yumbutter is a perfect food for hikers and endurance runners (and bikers!) because it is calorie rich and doesn’t need to be refrigerated (and it tastes great).  I find Yumbutter to be a great portable food, I can throw it in my bag and when my kids get hungry, I have a great snack for them. For me, I get so tired of sugary foods during long races that I usually want something a little salty and I know will stay with me to give me a nice boost of energy to carry me to the next aid station. I find that Yumbutter does that without being too harsh on my stomach.

Favorite Potion? My favorite potion is the Protein, with Chocolate Espresso Peanut Butter a close second!


You can keep up with Nartaya’s running adventures at Accidental Ultramarathoner!


Tomorrow, we’ll be catching up with Kassandra Volpentesta so stop back for more info on our fellow Wisconsinite’s athletic journey! Plus, check out Daniel Hamilton’s bio.

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