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Adrian and Matt

Our Dream: To Nourish the World

We’re the Chief Revolutionaries
at Yumbutter // World Changing Nut Butters

Our individual journeys have uniquely inspired where Yumbutter is today and where it will go as it continues to reshape the nut butter industry. After meeting and bonding over nut butters, wholesome food, and world-changing business ideas, we set out to achieve our dreams of running the world’s most responsible food company. Check out where we’ve been. After all, you should know your food and who makes it.



After fueling much of his life with “peanut butter”, in 2008, Adrian held a jar of a not-so-tasty peanut butter and asked the fateful question, “How do you make this?” After grinding his own homestyle batches and emptying the kitchen cabinets of oddly inspiring ingredients, he would never go back. Adrian continues to brew up foods from scratch. His home is packed with bubbling crocks of kraut, kombucha, water kefir, massive massaged kale salads, and graced by delicious potluck dinners with friends.


For Matt, the epiphany took place when he began studying holistic health, nutrition, and exercise kinesiology, over 10 years ago. Matt began to see nutrition as a way to heal himself after coming down with severe digestive issues caused by giardia. Let food be thy medicine, he thought. His immersion in holistic health showed the impact ingredient quality and nutrition density have on the body and overall well-being. Unable to find a nut butter up to his standards, he began churning his childhood staple from nutritious nuts & seeds and adding in other nutrient-dense ingredients to boost nutrition. He would never go back.


There, we’ve said it. Spoonfuls per day.  In fact, nut butters have fueled our bodies for as long as we can remember. As one of those perfect foods packed with protein, healthy fats, and a wide range of micronutrients, we’ve consumed hundreds…actually, thousands… of pounds, pumping out wholesome sustained energy for the everyday grind.

Over time, our love for fresh, healthy food led us to grind our own homemade batches. In an instant we were hooked. When we met in 2011, we bonded over the delicacies each of us were crafting individually and our desire to improve the lives of others. So, we set forth to expand the fledgling Yumbutter brand into a company that could have monumental impact.