What is Buy One: Feed One and how does it work?

Every time you buy one jar or pouch of Yumbutter, you help feed a child with malnutrition. We partner closely with a non-profit in Guatemala to provide holistic care to malnourished children and their mothers. Starting with pre-natal supplementation and education on nutrition and sanitation through when the child reaches age 2 with nutrition supplementation, parasite de-worming medicine, and more education for the mother regarding breastfeeding and complementary feeding.

We partner with Primeros Pasos in Xela Guatemala, which was founded in 2003 by a medical student who saw the huge need for medical care for impoverished and malnourished rural Guatemalans.

Why Buy One: Feed One?

BuyOne:FeedOne aims to bring nourishment to those with the least – children born into high risk areas of developing countries. Here, malnutrition is serious and the results are lasting. When we ask ourselves, How can we improve someone’s life the most, the answer is finding those who are suffering the most and finding a way to help.