Meet Yumbutter's New Potions: Espresso, Protein, and Cashew
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Protein, Espresso, Cashews, and Copious Amounts of Love

March 9, 2016 by McKenna Ruzga

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Our New Potions: Meet the Newest Nut Butters on the Block

Everyone likes good old classic peanut butter. It’s friendly, it’s trustworthy, and it’s part of an elite group of condiments that are delicious enough to eat right out of the container with a spoon. Then there’s almond butter – peanut butter’s healthy, trendy, cousin who does a lot of yoga and drinks green juice. And there’s even sunflower butter, for those of us who consider ourselves the hipsters of the nut butter (seed butter?) world.

Classic is great, but it’s 2016. We live in a time of endless possibilities, a time when dreams can become realities, a time when just buying yourself some nut butter contributes to the health and nutrition of a child in need. It only makes sense that our nut butter gets an extra boost of love, preferably in the form of tasty new nutty concoctions to help fuel your adventures around the block or around the world. That’s why we’re introducing our three newest potions – Plant Protein + Probiotic Almond Butter, Superfood Cashew Butter, and Chocolate Espresso Peanut Butter – all crafted with tons of love and available in our exclusive Go-Anywhere™ Pouch.


Plant Protein Probiotic Almond Butter

Plant Protein + Probiotic

This is our classic almond butter, but packed with 10 grams of protein per serving, courtesy of sprouted brown rice protein and you know, almonds. That means that one serving gives you more fuel than ever before, with the same eat-it-straight-out-of-the-pouch-we-won’t-judge-you goodness. As if that weren’t enough, it’s scientifically formulated with an allergen-free probiotic that helps your body absorb all those nutrients more easily. Did we mention that it’s insanely delicious? This potion redefines “win-win-win.”



Chocolate Espresso

Chocolate Espresso Peanut Butter

A combination of this world’s three greatest gifts to mankind – peanut butter, espresso, and chocolate. Yes friends, we’ve created the love bomb to end all love bombs.  What a time to be alive! Just a little squeeze and your taste buds are hit with the bold taste of espresso, along with smooth notes of cocoa, vanilla, and cinnamon. If peanut butter is your love language, consider this our love letter to you.




Superfood Cashew Butter


Yumbutter superfans (AKA our PBFFs) have been asking for this most delicious addition to our lineup for years now. Cashews, those creamy bites of yum that can shapeshift from a salad topping, to a vegan cheese sauce, to squeeze pouch of superfood fuel, are finally being welcomed into our family! This new baby brother to our Superfood triad (our original almond, peanut, and sunflower superfood potions), will be packed with chia seeds, hemp seeds, and goji berries, boosting up the protein, omega 3’s, and antioxidants of this little bundle of joy.

Is your heart rate increasing just reading this? Are you getting that warm fuzzy feeling inside? We totally get it. Check out your local Target or natural foods store, or visit our website this May to purchase a pouch or 12.

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