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Matt D’Amour

Matt D’Amour

Chief Wellness Carrier

Matt has been described as “energetic,” “wise beyond his years,” and “the most huggable person on Earth”. Matt is an entrepreneur at his core, from helping his parents with their business as a kid, to starting a contracted staining and landscaping company with his two best friends in college, to founding his own holistic health practiced titled “Inside Out Wellness” after that. Now, Yumbutter has become the culmination of all the projects, experience, and knowledge he has gathered along his journey. In the Yumbutter office, Matt can be found adding his flair and insight to all the happenings at Yumbutter, at any given moment (truly, it’s impressive). He leads the team in new potion development, sales management, and provides guidance to the marketing and operations team. His title is Chief but it might as well be the Ultimate Juggler of All Things Yumbutter.

Emily Yslas

Marketing Maven

Emily is best known for her organization and love for planning! She plans her life out months in advance, storming up the next social campaign, laying out a new product launch, and managing our content team. When she's not working, you can find her traveling by car, plane, or maybe even horse. An avid equestrian, Emily likes to supplement her workouts with spinning or anything high intensity, and she can never say no to an acaí bowl or gluten-free avocado toast.

McKenna Dustman

McKenna Dustman

Content Queen

McKenna never met a pun she didn't like, a stranger's dog she didn't try to pet, a cookbook she didn't read straight through like a novel, or pretty stationery she didn't impulsively buy. She lives for life's simple joys and likes to try everything once, often many things all at once. When she's not doing all those things, she's choosing the right Instagram filters, keeping Yumbutter's social media equal parts sass and love, optimizing and writing content for the website, digging through web data, and helping guide overall marketing strategy.

Anna Nelson

Vice Love Coordinator

Anna is the second ever Yum-tern and is a senior at UW-Madison studying International Studies and Business. Although her studies don’t directly relate to food, her priorities include eating hummus, trying new types of cuisine with adventurous eaters, and watching the Great British Baking Show. When she’s not busy eating, she is preoccupied with planning an escape to some country, whether that be Sweden or Japan or anywhere in between. Her tasks here at Yumbutter range from creating recipes to answering customer service emails and helping anyone on the team who needs it.