Fueled by Yumbutter: Meet Trace Williams
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Fueled by Yumbutter: Meet Trace Williams

July 28, 2016 by McKenna Ruzga

Fueled by Yumbutter: Meet Trace Williams

Yumbutter is proud to fuel some super rad athletes who not only kick major butt on the field (or road, or mountain, or wherever they may be) but also embody the values that Yumbutter is built on. This week, we’ll be telling their stories and getting the inside scoop on what fuels their passion for what they do.

Trace Williams – Mountain Biker/Hiker/Adventurer

A bit of background: Trace Williams hails from Park City, UT, but if home is where you spend most of your time, then his real home is “in the back of the car, probably,” he says. “I keep myself busy stoking the campfire of my soul with a never-ending search for wisdom and adventure.”

On his athletic journey: Trace started running in high school but after a never-ending stream of injuries, he started mountain biking to stay in shape. One thing led to another and eventually he started collecting sponsors and landing on the podium of bigger and bigger races. After some poor nutrition planning and sicknesses forced him to quit racing altogether in 2014, he started slowly immersing myself back into the world of being an athlete, but this time it wasn’t for a job, it was for fun.Trace Williams Sponsored Athlete Yumbutter

Yoga and diving and skiing, oh my: “[Getting back into athletics for fun] opened up a lot of doors for me and I took full advantage of it. In a little over a year I got certified as a ski instructor, 200hr certified yoga teacher, Level 1 free-diver, etc. My passion for what I do is insatiable and I have a hard time sitting still with all of the amazing opportunities right out my front door.”

On nutrition and wellness: “To me, nutrition is the ultimate method to this madness called life. With each bite, you either bring yourself closer to, or further away from disease. Nutrition shouldn’t be taken lightly if you are looking for optimal performance in every aspect of a long and happy life. It’s extremely easy to just eat out all the time when you are busy. This gets expensive quickly and isn’t even remotely close to the amount of nutritional value that real food carries. You dig yourself into a hole if you can’t plan ahead.”

Trace Williams Cashew Butter

Why Yumbutter? “Yumbutter is the perfect answer to my lifestyle. I am rarely home, I rarely have more than a few minutes to spare, and I rarely have enough food in my belly. The high quality ingredients combined with a delicious flavor (those two seldom go hand in hand with a product like this – trust me I have tried them all) and a resealable pouch are a total winner in my mind. I always have a few pouches in my car ready to go. I put them on bananas, bread, bagels, and often just eat it straight out of the pouch. The best part is that if you’re as bad at cooking as I am, you can’t really mess it up!”


Wondering what Trace is up to? You can see photos of his adventures on Instagram @mountainmanyogi.


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