Yumbutter: A Brief History
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Yumbutter: A Brief History

March 9, 2016 by McKenna Ruzga

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Farmers Market

The idea for Yumbutter was born during a climb to Mount Everest’s base camp, and it’s grown with a generous dose of love, compassion, hard work, and lots of time blending up new potions in the kitchen. In 2010, when Adrian returned from a trip to Asia, he got out his food processor and started blending up new nut butter potions, testing out additions like chocolate, tea, and spices. He eventually hit on a few that he had a hunch might be winners, and began selling them at the local Madison, WI farmer’s market in 2010. They were a hit.

Meanwhile, Matt became passionate about holistic health when he began having digestive issues and started exploring how he could use food to heal his body. He started blending up healthy blends of seeds, nuts, and superfoods like goji berries and chia, and began working to share the importance of nutrition with others through his holistic lifestyle practice.

Yumbutter: A Brief History

In 2011, Adrian and Matt met up and discovered their mutual love for the power of nut butter and desire to help others in a meaningful way. They joined forces to create the Yumbutter you know today. From the start, Matt and Adrian knew they wanted Yumbutter to be more than just another nut butter company – they wanted to help people take back control of what they were eating and be a force of positive change through their business model. They began asking how a nut butter company could improve people’s lives, and Holistic Responsibility™ was born.

From the start, Yumbutter has aimed to consider our impact on the health and happiness of Yumbutter fans, our supply chain partners, Mother Earth, our employees, the business ecosystem, and people born into unfortunate circumstances. From sourcing our ingredients sustainably to helping nourish children in need through our BuyOne:FeedOne™ model, everything we do is focused on using our nut butters to help people live healthier, fuller, more adventurous lives.

New Potions

After hauling jars of nut butters around the world and around town on our own adventures, it occurred to us that there must be a better way to make Yumbutter portable. We launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 to create our YumbutterGO pouches, and realized we were onto something big. YumbutterGO is now available in Superfood Peanut Butter, Superfood Almond Butter, and Superfood Sunflower Butter. This spring, we’re adding Protein + Probiotic Almond Butter, Chocolate Espresso Peanut Butter, and Superfood Cashew Butter to our YumbutterGO family to give fans even more tasty ways to fuel every day.


To learn more about Yumbutter’s history and business model, check out co-founder Adrian’s TEDx talk below, or visit Our Story page.


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